U.S. News & World Report Adds Advisor Finder

U.S. News & World Report recently introduced a new tool called the U.S. News Advisor Finder, a directory of 320,000 active investment advisors and 10,000 advisory firms. The goal is to provide users with unbiased information about financial professionals and advisory firms to help consumers find qualified, knowledgeable advisors. The Advisory Finder is equipped with tools to search for an advisor based on geographic location, investment and planning needs, advisor experience and more. The information provided about advisors and firms is provided by the Financial Media Group and is drawn from state and federal regulatory filings.

At the bottom of the site there are also articles on financial advising, such as “How to Choose a Financial Advisor” and “Should Young People See a Financial Advisor.” There are also links to other articles to another column called “The Smarter Investor.”

This is a useful source for individuals seeking a financial adviser. Although one should check several different sources to get an overall feel for a particular adviser or firm, this is a great place to start.



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