I recall during Facebook’s IPO, its shares were hammered the first day. Soon after, FB shares lost about 50% and were trading around $19 a share. Now, however, FB shares are trading at around $60 per share, after hitting the $70 per share mark a few weeks ago. FB has taken this opportunity to snatch up a few first using its shares as currency. Twitter seems to be on a different path. Its IPO actually went much smoother and shares rose during the first few months of trading. Recently, shares have gone on a downward spiral and are now down over 30% from its IPO price. An interesting article on CNN Money seems to have a pretty gloomy outlook on Twitter.

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  1. Wayne Thorp
    Wayne Thorp March 29, 2014 at 9:53 am - Reply

    From a purely technical standpoint, the last two days were welcome news for those hardy souls still long TWTR shares. It appears that ~$45 is a key support level and the price rebounded off it on Thursday, albeit with lower volume than one would like. The bounce continued on Friday. Whether this is a dead-cat bounce remains to be seen. Personally, I don’t see the business model in the likes of Twitter, or to a lesser extend Facebook. I use Twitter a lot, but I don’t see where they are making money off me. I am sure they are selling information regarding the people and brands I follow but very rarely am I influenced by ads for products I’ve never tried.

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