I’m in the market for a new tablet and a new phone (I seem to always be in the market for a new phone). Therefore, articles detailing upcoming tablets and phones always seem to pique my interest. I am currently on two different operating systems for my phone and tablet (Android and iOS) and if you include my laptop, I’m on three separate operating systems. I’ve always wanted to finally move to one single operating system for my phone, tablet and laptop since that would allow all my gadgets to be on one “ecosystem.” However, I’ve always found that I like Android phones, Apple tablets and Windows PC’s the best.

During the next few months though, I plan on at least moving my phone and tablet onto the same operating system. The plan is to either purchase the iPhone 6 (I’ve always liked phones with larger screens) or an Android tablet over the next few months. I find that each operating system has its advantages making a decision very difficult. Apple’s products are beautifully designed and seem to just work. The operating system still seems to be smoother than Android’s and more stable. Android, however, allows you to fully customize your experience. In addition, Google services run seamlessly.

I was reminded of my upcoming Apple vs Google decision when I came across this Wall Street Journal article. The author states and backs up her reasoning for believing that Samsung’s tablets have finally caught up to the iPad.

I’m also interested in your thoughts so please take our phone/tablet operating system poll!

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