PredictWallStreet is an online community focused on predicting the market. According to their figures, since 2007 their published forecasts have beaten the market by 7.2% annually. Their guiding principle is “two heads are better than one.” By compiling collective investor intelligence and sentiment, the site makes it easy for investors to find valuable information about how the market is really “feeling.” PredictWallStreet mentions that not all investors are created equal, and some are even exceptional. “Here at PredictWallStreet, we collect and track predictions over many years. We are in a unique position to find these people and share their insights with you.”

The site states that it can help you by letting you make your own predictions about whether a stock will go up or down, then see real-time community sentiment polls, prediction accuracy graphs, the total number of historical predictions backing up various claims, and other relevant information. Users can “learn from the hidden experts” of the community by seeing what they think about a particular stock.

PredictWallStreet developed an algorithm which applies to incoming community predictions in the context of various historical data. The result is a set of technical forecasts released every morning before the market opens. Users can look at the information without signing up; all you have to do is type a symbol into the search bar, make predictions on the stock’s behavior and then see what others have predicted.

If nothing else, PredictWallStreet is an interesting website for investors who want to see what their fellow investors are expecting of the markets. Investors can get a gauge of sentiment from a variety of places, but this site could prove to be another useful tool. There are also cash prizes and contests for those who participate, and as an added bonus, the site is free.

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Jaclyn McClellan

Jaclyn McClellan is an assistant financial analyst at AAII and is editor of Computerized Investing, the premiere publication covering the use of personal computers for financial planning, investment analysis and portfolio management. She contributes articles and reviews to Computerized Investing and writes for the AAII Journal. McClellan also serves on the Stock Superstars Report and Dividend Investing advisory committees. She is an honors graduate from DePaul University with a bachelor of science in business with a major in finance.

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