Intel released earnings after the market close today. The company report earnings of $0.38 per share which is $0.02 per share off of its earnings from the first quarter of 2013. Even with the slip and continued weakness in demand, shares rose since the company did report ahead of the consensus estimate. This leads me to wonder what the future of PCs will be. Personally, though I’m not as reliant on PCs for everything, I own as many laptops/computers as I ever have. I also do not think I will be purchasing PCs any less frequently than I have in the past. For me, tablets and smartphones are not replacements for the type of work I still rely on PCs for. It is interesting though to see the continuous decline of PC demand.

I do see PC demand picking up as the European economy rebounds and if the U.S. economy continues to improve. For a company like Intel, however, growth may be harder to come by. Since the developed markets are mostly saturated, the overall growth in the PC segment will likely come from emerging economies where Intel is not as major of a player.

Intel’s first quarter press release can be found here.

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