4G wireless still seems relatively new. In fact, while Verizon has most of the United States covered with 4G LTE, companies such as T-Mobile are still mostly in “3.5G” or HSPA+ speeds in most of the nation. 4G, or at least the 4G to which I’m referring, is the fourth generating of wireless communication technology designed, mostly, to transfer data. New technologies are meant to be able to transfer data faster so 4G is significantly faster than 3G technology. Even as companies continue to roll out 4G technologies, 5G is already being researched. As this CNN Money article suggests, 5G should be capable of transferring data 100 times faster than the current technology. Though 5G is in its infant stages, it is exciting to see these monumental advances.

On the other hand, I wonder how wireless providers are going to handle the additional data loads. It’s natural for people to use more and more data and the current infrastructure is already being pressured. In addition, most carriers are no longer offering true unlimited high-speed data. It would be nice to be able to stream high-quality video and perform other data-intensive tasks anywhere but the data demands for this is immense.

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